yammaSo GO Yama is all set to release his debut LP Mobius Strips on Collective Resonance this Sunday. We decided to have him do a guest mix and interview with us for the website, just to keep you all dosed up on that GO Yamaness until the 28th. His mix features some of his own music, along with some other stuff he is into. Check out that interview and mix below and enjoy.

1. What’s your name, where you from and what do you do?

My real name is Garrett Oyama, but everyone’s called me Scooter ever since I was a kid. From San Diego and I’m a guitarist/producer.

2. What inspired the name GO Yama and what does it mean?

GO Yama actually came from my UCSD e-mail it was goyama@ucsd.edu haha. But my last name means big mountain in Japanese and that’s where my mountain character symbol comes from. That was actually my pops that drew that design!

3. When did you first begin to create your own music and was it something or someone in particular that inspired you to do so?

I don’t really know. I just remember being in middle school and being so hyped on all the music I listened to that I tried to copy it. I guess that kind of turned into my own compositions when I added some changes.

4. Who are your biggest influences and why?

Ahh, too many talented homies who all inspire me in different ways. I feel like everyone is just a mix of the people that they hang with and listen to. So huge ups to all the homies.

5. Can you tell us a little bit about your current creative process and how you go about making your music?

What’s dope about electronic music production is I have a bunch of jumping off points for composition. Sometimes it starts with a guitar line I write, sometimes some piano chords, but it can also be some chopped up sample or some production technique that turns into a bigger composition.

6. Do you have a favourite instrument or piece of equipment that you use and if so, why that one in particular?

I’d have to say my trusty strat. We’ve had a rocky relationship, but we made it through. Lifelong commitment.

7. How would you describe your artistic style and do you think that there is anyone that you are similar to right now?

I feel like it comes from a more live instrument type realm. Talking to a lot of producers, they make tracks based on like BPM’s and dance feels, and nothing against that, but I try to feel something I would naturally play and then see where the beat lies after.

8. Do you have any particular goals or aims that you would like to achieve through your music?

I am honestly just psyched to make music. It gets frustrating sometimes when you work really hard and see pop musicians just rolling in fame and cash, but I think I’m pretty lucky to make the music I want and be able to meet the dudes I look up to.

9. If you could collaborate with any one particular artist or group in the world right now, who would it be and why them?

So I heard recently that before Jimi passed, Miles was originally gonna use him for Bitches Brew. I would have to bring Miles and Jimi back from the dead and work on Bitches Brew with them. How dope would that be?

10. For those that may not already know, where are the best places to find your music and contact you?

I’m up on soundcloud.com/goyama and facebook.com/goyamamusic. I’m totally stoked when people e-mail me too, so feel free. goyama930@gmail.com

11. Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview. Any last words, shout outs or whatever?

Shout outs to my fam,  Astral Basement Crew, SD Wizards, Magic Nanna, Mike Gao, Clear Blue, Tim “the troof” McNalley, axion117, and Collective Resonance. 


1. Dungeon Kids on the Block by Gabonano

2. Mobius Stripper by Go Yama

3, Nova by Axion117

4. cest la vie by eLan

5. Run Before You Wake by Mike Gao

6. Gold Dural by Special K

7. mrry.go.rnd by Eksel

8. Holy Man Strut by

9. anti-apathy pills by GO Yama X b3nbi

10. The Rain by Clear Blue (Ft. GO Yama)

11. Sleeve by The Highway

12. U Don’t Know by Daisycutta X Weirddough

13. stackpaypa by Phedee

14. Waffles by Sleepy Eyes

15. You’re Light by Illusive

16. Ice Rod by gaboYama

17. Non Sequitur by Magic Nanna

18. Paradise by Khepra

19. Chicks Dig The Beat by Viktorstone

20. Nevaprsnal by DOC Mastermind

21. Magic Mirror by Andre Elias

22. Sad Is What They See by Tall,Drk

23. Kush Out by Eets

24. Ocharliebrown by Nappychan Unknown

25. Fullspeed by Mike Gao

26. Galactic Butter by Go Yama

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